Whenever you hear the word “narcotics,” what automatically pops up in your mind? Does it connote something medically inclined or does it sound like something negative and dangerous? Let us find out what narcotics can do for you dialectically. 

Narcotics in the form of opioids and opiates can be clinically prescribed by doctors. It is used in the field of medicine. To use the layman’s term, it is commonly known as morphine and heroine. Morphine is an organic product synthesized from opioids or opium which serves as a tranquilizer or pain reliever for patients in the modern world today. It is often used when a patient is suffering from too much pain or in a life and death condition. Another product of opioids is the heroin. Heroin can be dangerous as it is a habit-forming illegal drug that is most commonly abused by many. 

Heroin is one of the most rapidly high-increasing drugs that are most often abused throughout the US. This makes it alarming because of the fact that this can cause severe damage to the body and to the mental health of the one using it. The impact is very much felt in light of the fact that the level of severity of destruction among communities such as hold-ups, increasing cases of stealing, skyrocketing number of various crimes and other social issues that affect the people in the community.  

The use of heroin is frequently used in the form of inject. This way, the user can with no trouble feel the effect of the addictive drug. As the substance circulates through the bloodstream, its effects are like the outcome of the use of morphine. The addictive use of this can highly cause detrimental effects to the body in the long run. It can cause very devastating impacts to the organs such as damage in the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and other various organs. For a short period of 

 time, it can affect the veins that may lead to breakdown of the circulatory system in the body; it can also cause infectious diseases and breathing problems; if the abuse and misuse of this drug continues, it may even cause life at stake. 

Imagine the detrimental social impact of this drug if not properly and carefully used. Due to the effects to the mental health, it may affect your relationship with your friends; it may lead to child abuse, domestic violence, loss of child custody, violence against women and children, broken marriages, and financial problems that can weaken the strong bond of your family. Aside from these, you can even get sexually transmitted diseases (STD) that you can get from shared needles. You can also get infectious diseases such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and human immune deficiency virus (HIV). These contagious diseases can totally bring your family at risk. If you know someone who is already addicted to this type of vices, do not hesitate and seek the help of expert doctors at Geelong Medical Centre immediately. The health of the user is not just the one which is at stake here, but also the health of the community and the peers around them too.  

There are various ways to make use out of narcotics. It can be used in a good way but it can also be used negatively. It can be really helpful in the medical field but if it is misused and abused, it can be harmful at the same time. So whenever it is clinically prescribed by a doctor, make sure that it will not defeat the sole purpose for the medication; because if not, this may aggravate the situation.  

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